Welcome to Enterprise Citizen Development platform!!!

All your business IT solutions can now be built using a single platform: Dynamic Applications (via Dynamic Forms), Data Applications (B2B), Business Rules, Business/Micro Services, Data/ETL Services, RESTFul APIs, Automated Services, Workflows, & many more.

Truly - one platform that offers multiple solutions and endless opportunities.
Enterprise-Ready | Cloud-Ready | API-Ready.

Trusted and Implemented by Fortune 500 companies.

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Why BizNuvo

BizNuvo is the first and only no-code development platform truly built for the Citizen Developers and Business Technologists, unlike the other codeless platforms where you still need to know how to write expressions for your data mappings, calculations, validations, conditions, integrations and etc.

Reduces TCO | Increases Speed-to-Market | Provides End-to-End Visibility

How Does BizNuvo Work

It works in 3 simple steps:

  • 1Choose the solution you want to build.
  • 2 Build the flow by tethering your business steps and functions together, test drive the solution, get governance approval and version.
  • 3Deploy it to your operations and business... Yes, it is that simple.

Build Codeless | Build Fast | Build Right

Economic Impact

It helps businesses solve three (3) consistent challenges:

  • Speed (Reduces time to deliver business solutions),
  • Cost (Reduces TCO by reducing the need for multiple applications, developers and infrastructure) and
  • Visibility (Increases end-to-end visibility through a graphically-driven build and digitally-powered operations).

Increase Productivity | Reduce Technology Footprint | Remove Shadow IT


BizNuvo levels the playing field between enterprise companies and growing SMEs by enabling building of business applications/solutions more affordable. You can quickly build and customize the business IT solutions you need using build-on-demand (or) prefabricated sets of functional components and integrations. From build to deploy to scale, we help you focus on business value - not code.


We'd love to hear from you. Whether you're curious about features or a free trial, we're here to answer all your questions.